Large Public Bath

Relieve travel fatigue with a view of Mt.

Hours of availability
16:00-23:00 / 6:00-9:00 the following morning.

Large baths with spectacular views of Mt Fuji from the bathtubs.
The walls are covered with paintings of 'Cherry Blossoms, Mt Fuji and the Churyo Pagoda' by a public bathhouse painter from Asakusa. Fuji at any time of the year.

Fuji can be enjoyed from the window.

dressing room

Spacious and clean changing rooms.
Clean changing rooms are restricted to lockers and wardrobe baskets, limiting the amount of seclusion.
There are also a generous number of washbasins, so you can relax and enjoy the afterglow of the large bathroom without worrying about your surroundings.

Lockable lockers are available.