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Fuji resort hotel near Kawaguchiko Interchange
with a view of Mt.

Fuji and Kawaguchiko sightseeing at more reasonable prices.
The hotel is easily accessible from
Fujikyu Highland and Kawaguchiko Stella Theater.

Recommended Plan

All rooms have ensuite bathrooms
Surprisingly low prices in the Kawaguchiko area &
One of the largest number of rooms

Fuji, as well as view triple rooms with
gentle furnishings and a clean feel.
The region's cheapest windowless rooms are
also white and pressure-free.

Guest Room


Breakfast and dinner buffet, and top-quality, charcoal-grilled meat courses.

Breakfast and dinner buffets are available.
Dining plans with meals at a renowned charcoal barbecue restaurant are also available.
Start your Yamanashi trip
with a warm, homemade meal.

Enjoy "Mt Fuji" with a view of Mt.

Magnificent views of Mt Fuji can be seen from the large bathroom on the first floor.
Furthermore, the painting 'Cherry Blossoms, Mt Fuji and the Chūreitō' by a public bathhouse painter in Asakusa is a hidden Mt Fuji spot
where visitors can enjoy Mt Fuji at any time of the year.

Hotels with a view of Mt Fuji

Fujisan Resort's main feature.
The rooftop view is truly breathtaking.
Enjoy a spectacular view that is exclusive to hotel guests.